Vegan Recipes


Vegan Spaghetti

1 medium onion
4 cans of tomato sauce
2 cans of Italian stewed tomatoes
1/2 each of a green pepper, red pepper and yellow pepper
handful of each; dried parsley, oregano
1/2 handful of sweet basil
pepper and salt to taste
1 to 4 cloves of garlic, depending on taste
one can of red wine, Merlot preferably
2 to 3 bay leaves

In a large pot, with a lid heat up the olive oil and saute the garlic and onions, then add the peppers. Saute until the peppers are tender. Add the Italian stewed tomatoes and bringto a gentle boil, stirring continuously, then turn down to a simmer. Next add the 4 cans of tomato sauce. Then use the tomato cans and add one can of wine, swirl the wine around the cans to get all the sauce out. Next add the parsley, oregano, basil and bay leaves. Don't add the salt or pepper yet. Stir and cover. Allow the sauce to cook until it is hot through out. You can then sample the sauce and add pepper and salt according to you own taste. Let it simmer for as long as you can. Mushrooms may be added if you like them.


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