Vegan Recipes


Frounceen Mocha

8 coffee ice cubes
chilled coffee
vegan chocolate syrup
chocolate almond breeze
Soy Dream, chocolate brownie or Tofutti Cool Cappachino

Start by making the ice cubes. Sweeten the coffee in the pot slightly, and maybe add a little chocolate or vanilla extract. Let them freeze. Make some more coffee. While it is still warm, sweeten slighty with raw sugar or maple syrup. Remember, slighty, the rest of the ingrediants will help make a sweet drink later. Chill the coffee in a pitcher in your fridge for awhile or overnight. The next day you can get up and throw everything in the blender in the following order: ice cubes, soy dream, chocolate syrup. Add equal amounts of chilled coffee and almond breeze only to start to cover the others in the blender. Blend and add liquid as preferred. Drink and be merry without involving Starbucks. Serves 2.


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