Vegan Recipes



1 cup sugar
3 strands saffron
1 cup of assorted unsalted nuts, chopped into bits
a dab of oil or vegan butter

Use the oil or vegan butter to grease a counter top. Lightly roast the nuts till they brown. Do not add oil when roasting, it must be a dry roast. Remove nuts from fire and keep aside. Then in a dry pan put in all the sugar at medium heat and begin stirring it and continue stirring it till it gets light brown. As soon as it starts becoming liquidy and brown add the nuts and saffron. Switch off heat, stir briskly till all nuts have been mixed in. Then pour over greased counter top. Then with a rolling pin coated in butter, smooth over the nut sugar mixture. Cut into pieces quickly because this hardens within seconds. Serve plain or crush over Tofutti's Vanilla Almond Bark vegan ice cream.


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