Breakfast Recipes


Breakfast Burrito

2 strips bacon, diced
1 cup frozen hash browns
1 small red potato, cooked
1 tablespoon chopped onion
2 eggs, beaten
1/8 cup cheddar cheese, grated
dash salt
dash pepper
3 flour tortillas, heated

Fry bacon in a small pan until very crispy and there is hardly any fat. Remove from the pan, and set aside. Drain off all but about 1 tablespoon of the bacon fat. Put the hash browns, potato and onion into the pan and cook. Add salt and pepper to taste. Stir occasionally until the potatoes are nicely browned. Pour the eggs over the potatoes and cook. Stir until almost set. Toss in the cheese and bacon. Stir. Scoop into warm tortillas and roll to form a burrito. Serves 3.


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